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  • Ben Stewart

What if satan, came to church…would he find a beating or forgiveness from the good brethren?

I was talking to a guy, he said people in his Christian group began to shun or disfellowship him because he let some cuss words slip. When he went to the one disfellowshipping him, the Christian quoted a bunch of verse and condemn him for using cuss words.

This provoked me to think, the guy must have been self-righteous. Meaning he think he so right he cannot hear cuss words, but only shout scripture and condemn. Have you ever noticed Jesus at times gave those He ministered to, something to do a command to obey when correcting sin? “Go. And Sin no more”. This is what Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, who by law would have been killed that day. In other words, after showing mercy and basically saving her life, He tells her a command Go, and adds to the command Sin no more. All she had to do, was keep herself clean.

How many of good brethren have run off people we have begged to come to church, just to be belittled, rejected, and told they do not belong.

The self-righteous offers correction without instruction. I believe correction without instruction is cruelty. They tell them, “You wrong” by quoting scripture and walking off. I imagine being in those shoes again, thanks for calling me a sinner, but could you tell me how to fix myself? If not, then I will leave buddy. You essentially accomplished not a thing but making you feel more righteous than me. Did you offer me a plan of redemption, reconciliation, or salvation? Or did you just push your way out of my problems by being too righteous to help me solve them? What? You condemn a believer and then don’t tell him how to be a better man? Then you part of the problem and not the solution, do you realize Jesus judgement on the judgmental? you self-righteous need nothing from me or God. Maybe you will wake up one day and see being here and participating is a confession I need Jesus’ help, why would I waste my time or yours?

Even Jesus said, he did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. You self-righteous people, are so good and blameless at keeping laws, you think you do not sin, or do you not realize, you’re not righteous at all; even if you are blameless, because at some point you broke the law and have been as guilty as me. Instead of teaching the way of redemption you quote scripture and condemn then move on to the next victim. Brood of vipers, Jesus called them in His day. Doing more damage in the name of Jesus to their brethren by being busybodies so they can keep one’s reputation of Christian. To always be the “you wrong for that” but have no part in the solution.

Is it not written, you self-righteous hypocrites, there is none righteous no not one? Is not written, to him that says he has no sin, the truth is not in him. Is it not written, if we confess our sin Jesus is just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from the unrighteousness?

What if satan, came to church…would he find a beating or forgiveness from the good brethren?

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